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Meet Marty Mabry

Marty, who first acquired a Federal Firearms License at the age of 21, is a member of the National Rifle Association, Texas State Rifle Association, Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club and the Certified Appraisers Guild. He also holds a Type 01 FFL and a Class III/SOT.

A love for the outdoors and a passion for firearms have passed from generation to generation in Marty’s family. His grandfather lived and breathed to hunt, and he shared that passion with his family. Marty says his father, Max, “is one of the best hunters and fishermen I have ever shared a camp or boat with.” It was Max, a pawnbroker and owner of a gun store, who taught Marty the firearms business from the ground up.

In turn, Marty is keeping with the family tradition by making his family a big part of his business. His wife, Leslie, runs the business side of the operation. His son Morgan works for him during the summer and on school breaks, learning the business like Marty did. His step-daughter Bailey is in grade school, but has been learning about gun safety for several years now. She enjoys being at the deer lease probably more than anyone else in the family. Well, except for their "other" son, Oscar Meyer Mabry (a very cranky and beloved miniature dachsund), who enjoys it the very most!!

When he’s not working, Marty spends as much time as possible shooting and hunting. He is an avid bow hunter and wing shooter, and is a recent addict to sporting clays shooting. After trips to Namibia and Zimbabwe, hunting dangerous game now has a spot on his calendar each year.

Leslie Mabry

Meet Leslie Mabry

With a strong background in finance and accounting developed as a commercial property manager for the past 15 years, Leslie now runs the business side of Marty’s operation.

She was not raised as a hunter, but her desire to not be a hunting season widow inspired her to join Marty at their lease. She enjoys “the camaraderie with everyone we are blessed to have on the lease with us, the cooking and the hunting is pretty fun too!” says Leslie, who began deer hunting in 2009 and shot her first deer that year.

She says a recent trip to Pennsylvania for a charity sporting clays shoot has sparked a huge interest in shooting sporting clays and a desire to overcome some handicaps and improve her accuracy. “Especially since joining the Dallas DIVAS, where I hear the competition is pretty strong!” Leslie says.

Leslie says she spends quite a few weekends every year working the gun shows with Marty. “We are lucky to have a team of folks who work shows with us and make being there a lot of fun.”

Always the entrepreneur, Leslie recently started a side business that complements Marty’s firearms business. “It is called Frolic, and we offer some really amazing products made from exotic hides. All products are either imported directly from South Africa, or handmade from raw materials that are imported from South Africa. We use Elephant, Springbok, Gemsbok, Wildebeest, Hardebeest, Lion, Zebra, Cape Buffalo, Crocodile and a few others. We offer things such as rifle slings, rifle cases, shotgun and shotgun takedown cases, handgun cases, belts for men and women, purses and tote bags, ammo pouches, ammo slides, ammo belts, wallets, billfolds and home decor items such as lamps, coasters, pillows, hides, hide rugs, African art and one of a kind pieces.”

  • Certified Appraisers Guild of America
  • National Rifle Association
  • The Winchester Arms Collectors Association
  • Dallas Safari Club
  • Dallas Gun Club
  • Safari Club International
  • Texas State Rifle Association